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"If I ever go missing, I want my picture on a wine bottle instead of a milk carton. This way, my friends will know I'm missing." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

@Jessica Shultz. @Molly Johnson so this is why we started running. It all makes sense now!

Is that not the truth?except I hate running. But dessert is a good reason to start liking it

The Cocktail Chronicles - Summer Survival Kit Essential #1: The Southside

The Cocktail Chronicles Falernum 8 - make your own falernum (to use in many drinks including Zombie Punch)

The first, the bra can hold your favorite beverage such as 6.8 bottles of beer or 3.2 bottles of wine.

Papa Bert WineRack Flask-Bra The unique bra features two outstanding functions: first, the bra can hold your favorite beverage. second, WineRack Flask-Bra will give you an admiring upper part of the body (even though you drink up the beverage in the bra).

I just save them for when kids come by doing bottle drives.... they find it impressive, lol.

Pregnancy Message Boards - Baby Forums

It's all fun & games till. your jeans don't fit anymore. The fun & games ended 2 days ago 😳!

lululemon bottles. LOVE it! My whole motto of why I workout is because I reallllly like eating!!

"I like running.because i really, really, really, really, really like dessert." This is so true! We LOVE dessert. SGC is about winning the tug-of-war between loving food and not wanting to get fat.

Walk By This Kraken Rum Billboard At Your Own Risk: Cool Advertisement for Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Walk By This Kraken Rum Billboard At Your Own Risk

True, except for the nice part.

To-Do's, the Ultimate Party Store Nice Girl Funny Cocktail Napkins by Anne Taintor

John Belushi  Animal House

John Belushi en “Desmadre a la Americana” (National Lampoon’s Animal House), 1978

one side for pint, the other side for shot, clever design.

beer glass/shot glass - not that I even like shots anymore, but nice idea