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Red Figure Red figure pottery appears from around 530BC. The name applies to pottery where the main figures are in red against a black background. This is achieved by reversing the process detailed for black figure pottery.

An Attic red-figure stamnos from Vulci c. 480-450 BCE depicting the myth of Odysseus tied to his ship's mast in order to resist the enchanting song of the Sirens. The episode occurs during the hero's long voyage home to Ithaka following the end of the Trojan War. Interestingly, the vase shows one Siren descending into the sea which possibly references the legend that the Sirens would die if any sailors ever successfully escaped their clutches. (British Museum, London).

Pelike, IV a.C. Museo Archeologico Nazionale della Siritide, Policoro. Provenienza Sant’Arcangelo. Cultura greca e magno-greca

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Amazone. Amphore à figures noires (black-figure pottery), Ve siècle avant J.-C. Musée du Louvre (RMN, cliché Hervé Lexandowsky).

Late archaic pottery with painted images of Hera being attended by another winged Greek goddess, Iris. This vase is an attic red figure with a lekythos shape, c. 480 BC. by a Brygos painter. Initially Greeks artists painted black figures on pottery, but after a few decades they replaced it with red figures thus updating their design and technique.