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Burmese Khow Suey (Indianised version) | The original post wonders if this is authentic or Indian, but as Myanmar has many Indian influences, it looks authentic to me.

A Favorite Comfort Food: American Chop Suey

This great tasting American chop suey is one of my favorite dishes. I've added a little garlic and more tomatoes to my mother's version, but it still reminds me of the one she made.

Khow Suey (Noodles in a Coconut Curried Sauce) | Picture the Recipe

This is the top chicken chop suey recipe on the internet! I've been looking all over for it and finally found it. This is an easy four step recipe that will taste as if you worked hours preparing it.

Grandma's Chop Suey

Grandma's Chop Suey - Tender pieces of pork, celery, onions, mushroom and water chestnuts served over rice. Recipes Food and Cooking

Burmese Khowsuey

This one-dish meal is sure to strike every single of your taste buds with its vibrant flavour! The Burmese Khowsuey features layers of noodles, a vegetable curry made with coconut milk and an elaborate masala of spices, coconut and cashew nuts, and an elaborate garnish of fried onions, garlic, vaal dal and spring onions.

Easy Chop Suey

Try this Chop Suey recipe for an Easy stir-fry of colorful vegetables with thick sauce. A great vegetable dish for a dinner party or just for everyday healthy meal. | www.foxyfolksy