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Raven BookendsChannel your inner Edgar Allen Poe with this pair of raven bookends. Regarded by scientists as one of the most intelligent animals on the planet these birds are the perfect choice to contain your book collection. They are made of resin which allows for incredible detail and rendering.

Michele Varian Shop - Raven Bookends OMG someone please buy this for me!

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Raven Wing SOAP Edgar Allan Poe Autumns Raven by thecharmingfrog. Finally something cool to do with the super-sappy angel wing mold!

❤His lips worked over her jaw, down her neck. He pressed them hotly against her scars. Her need pulsed behind her eyelids, called out with every beat that brought her blood pounding through her veins, calling to him. www.oliviastocum.com

The raven Poem - Nevermore - Gothic art print - Edgar Allan Poe - Black bird art - Geekery art - Modern decor - dramatic dark art. One of my all time favorite writings

“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”  ― John Locke

Shades of sage green books found in the attic at Sage Farm with a little help from a Terrier bookend.

Skull and butterfly jars. Love this.

From source: XIXth century glass domes mounted with collections of butterlies or plaster vanities. Each dome is unique and the setting is signed by our workshop. Price is from 900 euros (butterflies only) to euros (vanity+butterflies).

These tentacle candle-holders. | 37 Subtle Ways To Bring The Ocean Into Your Home

37 Beautiful Household Items Every Ocean Lover Needs

candlestick Holders Representing the unknown perils of murky ocean depths and those beyond the mundane world, the tentacle hails from Lovecraftian horror and ancient tales of sea monsters.

Antique Camera Book Ends Set/2

Vintage camera enthusiasts and photography buffs will covet this set of camera bookends. Two incredibly detailed reproductions of antique cameras rest.

Raven vs. Crow. Ravens: A "trickster" in Native American stories and myths, he is sometimes a hero, a troublemaker, a glutton, a buffoon, a destroyer or a creator. The Trickster alternately scandalizes, disgusts, amuses, disrupts, chastises, and humiliates (or is humiliated by) humans. Raven is extremely jealous of any entity that Human Beings hold in high regard

What's the difference between a raven and a crow? One of the most obvious differences is size, crows are about as large as pigeons, while ravens can be as big as a red tailed hawk, almost twice as big!

Bat book ends

Bats Metal Art Bookends Free USA Shipping by KnobCreekMetalArts, based in Kentucky and selling Etsy