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My latest find on Trusper will literally blow you away. Like seriously, you need to hold on to your seat.

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Viva la Pluto

I immediately thought of Nico Di Angelo and Hazel Levesque saying "Viva La Pluto Fuck You" lol

I'm bad at understanding romantical things unless people are explicit

I'm bad at understanding romantical things unless people are explicit. I'm great at noticing something that is overlooked and people miss it but I am oblivious to the obvious:/

I sent this to my friend and they told me to never talk to them again. The life of a fangirl.

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They are like hair grips and car keys

This is so true! We have like billions of tupperware lids and cups but they never fit together


Though I can't believe different genders are separated at sleepovers. For like 3 years, every other weekend I went over to my male friends' house for a sleepover and nothing happened.

Realized after pinning that I am basically saying I give a ____ about myself, and that stunned me, because I didn't know I was still capable of doing so. Keep with me, friends. Lonely is not alone. You're moving.

I dont believe reposting this means anything about the person reposting it but this is important