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Our Aussie Boys... (I'm Aussie too... If you were wondering) - Sophie

Our Aussie Boys. (I'm Aussie too. If you were wondering) - Sophie

So sad:) >>> I promise this is what happened. :D

thats funny>>> I laughed way too hard because I just imagined Ashton saying yeah sad XDXD

When you see it you'll get it oh gosh Ashton

Do you see Ashton in the background? LOL<<<<hahahahahahahahahaha it does get better when you see it

Creeper Calum... And the last part of the post is probably true

that was my first thought.although Luke is taller than 1672373 percent of the human population, but hey, so Is his quiffxD Luke's behind Calum

Haha this is kinda acurate

5 Seconds Of Summer - I love this so much<but they're all wild all cute and talented all the back bones and all the songwriting force.