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TYR Ordnance/ Breaching Pouch - 20 Round Shotgun | TYR Tactical - Plate Carrier, Body Armor, Tactical Gear, Tactical Armor

Batman Arkham Origins homemade costume. Cosplay. I plan on rebuilding the entire suit piece by piece and selling the pieces individually in my etsy store. The first item rebuilt and revamped has been the gauntlets which are now available for purchase.

Improved Transparent Displays - Film you can put on glass, allows you to project images onto it, yet lets all light from the other side through. Kind of like a one-way mirror. But with nanoparticles. So, cooler.

Man, that is one good looking puppet. Hey there, handsome. I bet you have so many awesome things in your schedule you can’t even fit them all into one day! | The LEGO® Batman Movie | In theaters February 10

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