Pink Ombre Ruffles Cake, Pink Ombre Roses Smash Cake and "1" Cookies for 1st Birthday

Pink Ombre Ruffles & Roses 1st Birthday Cakes (and Cookies

This, but in blue ombre.  Also, flowers would be more waves (boat on top). Then Welcome Liam would be on flat part?

Barrow in Furness and the Lake District, Cumbria: Purple Ombre Ruffles Cake. This would be great as a top tier of the cake, tier in lilac, all the way down to bottom tier in violet. with same ruffle pattern

this inspires me so much.. What about a three tier smooth buttercream cake with the ombre pinks like this on the top of each tier- and maybe some white on white delicate scrolling? lovely.

OK, this isn't technically a wedding cake. But it could show up at a wedding, couldn't it? Three-Tier Wedding Cupcakes by Martha Stewart