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ly close to me and I would tell them about my... I Don t Have Friends And I Can t Seem To Make Any Either.

But I need some help and I haven t been able to talk to my therapist about it. I was diagnosed with PTSD not too long ago though I have been suffering for a year and a half. The PTSD is brought on by a car accident. I was the front passenger, we were gliding towards a two foot wide tree at 100 mph (160 kmph). I really thought that was going to be the last thing I d see. I m so grateful to be alive but I have suffered greatly. After the accident I

So, I have had two very bad months. You know, when everything is so awful that the few times one is not utterly numb one desperately wished one were. I don t even dare to hope that time is over now, but today I can think. For weeks now I have felt nothing but terror and confused hate and despair and yesterday night I could feel it go away. As if all the stress and darkness suddenly flowed out. I felt as if I had the very first conscious and ratio

Hi, I ve just joined, though I ve been reading on here a while. My memories have been returning for a couple of years now. I don t have a therapist because sometimes my abusers have been, or have posed as, doctors and I m scared to ask for help, however, I m making good progress alone. The reason I m writing is because I m a member of a monthly book club, in fact, I co-founded it with a friend. Except last week I realized my friend is also a past

I find the law of attraction very interesting... BUT the experts in it say that whatever has happened in your life - good and bad - you have attracted it to yourself. So I don t get it... ...are these experts saying that it s a child s own fault if they get abused by anyone? Or that it is a persons own fault if they got murdered or mugged? I don t understand. How on earth could we have attracted these things ourselves? We are not responsible for

Just curious. My boyfriend suggested I take on a full load of classes and full load of work in the spring semester next year, to get the maximum benefit. He knows I have ptsd, but I don t think he realizes... that perhaps I can t do it. Feeling kinda hopeless. Is it possible? Has anyone here done it?

I m just wondering if anyone else has lost weight (or has trouble maintaining a healthy weight) as the result of their PTSD or anxiety. Since my diagnosis last September, I ve lost over 50 pounds without trying. I ve found that when I m anxious, which is a lot of the time now, I lose my appetite and have trouble keeping food down. I also exercise to relieve stress, so I think the combination of exercise and fewer calories is making me lose. I m n

I never remember having had a happy dream. I ve heard other people say that they had a good dream where they were relaxed and happy. I ve also never have had an erotic dream that was positive. I only end up being attacked if there is anything sexual. I have tried programming my dreams by focusing on positive things before I fall to sleep, but it never works. Some times I have neutral or strange dreams that aren t nightmares. I ve been in therapy

OK, OK, so don t get all mushy on me but we seem to have every other kind of thread here so why not one that s a change from the norm. Here s one that made me smile for some guys that didn t loose their focus on having a better life. So, if ya ll like post something that put a smile on your face. There truly is something everyday. Red Tail Hawk roosted on a wire just outside my window today. Not more that two feet from me