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I think the Ostroms developed their appreciation of Inuit Eskimo art prints and sculpture from the time he spent drafting much of the Alaska Constitution. But then, he also grew up in Washington state, not that far to the south.

pudlo pudlat

Lucy Qinnuayuak Cape Dorset) Bird Trapped in Tent, 1970 stonecut 20 x 24 in.

Loon Fishing  by Davidialuk Alashua Amittu 1964  stonecut

My yoga novel "Ashram" draws on ancient wisdom and practice. Davidialuk Alashua Amittu, loon fishing, I believe a piece like this arises from deep observation that goes deep into the artist's own spirit before emerging on paper.

Pitseolak Ashoona Canadian, 1904-1983 Old Women Speak of Owl 1974

Pitseolak Ashoona Canadian, Old Women Speak of Owl, 1974 stonecut on paper, 86 x 63 cm Image: x 38 cm Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery; Gift of Indian & Northern Affairs, Canada

Young Birds Strutting by Lucy Qinnuayuak 1967 colour stonecut & stencil on paper

The National Gallery of Canada strives to provide Canadians with a sense of identity and pride in Canada’s rich visual arts heritage and to make art accessible, meaningful and vital to diverse audiences of all ages.

Alexandria Neonakis: Inspiration: Canadian Inuit Art

Another huge inspiration to me is the art of the Inuit people of Canada. They are best known for soap stone sculptures, but I find the print.

Inuit Print "Owls of the Night" by Pitaloosie Saila

Inuit Print, "Owls of the Night", Pitaloosie Saila, photo by K. Wetzel, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

PUDLO PUDLAT (1916-1992) m.

Printmaker: Elijah Pootoogook Cape Dorset Woman with Ulu 1960 (uncat. Dorset Series) stencil, 20 x in, x cm.