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This means that it is much easier to ride a dragon or gryphon than it is a tiger because the first two have an extra set of shoulders.

Sharpclaw, deputy of Skyclan..... he's everything Tigerstar was, but without the evilness. It just proves my point: TIGERSTAR WOULD'VE BEEN A GREAT LEADER IF HE HADN'T BEEN LEAD DOWN THE WRONG PATH.

Cougar . Mountain Lion . Puma . the biggest feline that purrs . The Puma Concolor holds the Guinness record for the animal with the highest number of names, presumably due to its wide distribution across North and South America. It has over 40 names in English alone.

Beautiful Manipulations by PSHoudini

Iara the amazon river queen Digital Art by Brazilian artist PSHoudini. PSHoudini uses Photoshop to create his work. Love plus psd file   Dreams can come true plus psd   Giant turtle   Death portal   Hold your breath  … Continue Reading →

Leaping Tiger by on @DeviantArt