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The gathering of disney

Digital Art by Devin

Some of the cutest Disney Animals ^^. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Walt Disney Fan Art - The Gathering of Disney for fans of Walt Disney Characters images.

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Disney Dogs - Tim Rogerson -

Disney Dogs

Disney Fine Art Disney Dogs by Tim Rogerson - Gallery Wrapped Giclee - transitional - Artwork - Biggs Ltd.

Disney cartoon figures including the Three Little Pigs, Snow White, Jiminy Cricket, Chip & Dale, Gertie the Dinosaur, Dumbo, Bambi and Pinocchio

11 Inspiring Quotes From Your Favorite Disney Movies

Disney Princesses and their Sidekicks

Disney girls love their animal friends! (and yes, I did just group Dopey, Lumiere, and Cogsworth in the 'animal' category)

"It’s Been An Adventure, Mr. Fredricksen." and  "Adventure Is Out There!" by Kristal Babich (This makes me want to smile and cry at the same time.) edited to credit artist and link to original page. Up Fan Art

all grown UP. (i don't know why this is making me cry. so sad.) I can't. This is beautiful. I can't.

the amount that this excites me is... well... a little sad really.   i have a friend at the hostel though, who used to continually quote the original movie from start to finish and, as annoying as that sometimes got (there were times when she did it on purpose) im kind of looking forward to the hopeful combined quoting of both to begin.

That was my favorite movie ever since I could remember. I had toys and CDs and all things finding nemo so I've been waiting my whole life for this movie, due to the fact I was born the year before.