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Lighthouse, Crete, Greece

Ugh my favorite place on earth! I miss Crete! Best people and food in the world! Lighthouse at Chania, Crete island, Greece

Delphi - Greece. The Ancient Greeks believed in their gods/goddesses, but they also believed in the ability of Man to have a hand in his own destiny. Apollo's prophecies were only one possibility for a person's future. There is a sign on the way to the temple itself that says "Know thyself" because only the person himself/herself could fulfill or avoid the prophecies.

Delphi, once the site of the Delphic oracle, the most important oracle in the classical Greek world. *photo by Harry Tsappas Ρhocis

Temple of Hephaestus - Acropolis, Greece

was here years ago. greece is magnificent, heaven on earth-I'm so proud I'm greek :)