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OMG blaze's face XD Obviously it's because Amy is pulling her tail

Amy Hanging off of Blaze's tail, Blaze Hanging onto Silver's Boots, while Silver is Floating

Silver, Blaze, Sonic and Shadow.

Silver, Blaze vs Sonic and Shadow part 1

purple shadow hedgehog | Tags: Anime, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (Character), Cream ...

Silver Cream and Cheese Shadow Blaze Amy Rouge Tails Knuckles Sonic

✪ Blaze, Silver, Shadow, Tails, Sonic

Shadows mouth looks weird. BUTT for the rest.

Silver & Blaze

Aaawww silvaze is my favorit love

Silver & Blaze- "Just not TOO high, Silver.";)

Silvaz the cutest Sonic couple


Silver, Blaze, Sonic and Shadow

I will Dream by Baitong9194 on DeviantArt

This has to be my favorite Sonic ship besides Sonic x Chilidog

Colorswap. Sonic,Amy,Shadow,Rouge,Silver, and Blaze.

Colorswap Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Silver and Blaze