Lisa Firer Ceramics

lisa firer design is a ceramics artist and designer that works with the uniqueness, organic forms and magic of translucency that hand built porcelain develops through the making and firing process.

藤塚光男さんのおどんぶり。 : うつわのこと。日々の暮らしのこと。

藤塚光男さんのおどんぶり。 : うつわのこと。日々の暮らしのこと。

Porclian Conical Vase by IMISO CERAMICS / LIFE STYLE, via Flickr

Porcelain Conical Vase by Majolandile Dyalvane, IMISO Ceramics, POLLOCK RANGE ''Growing up, I herded livestock; hunted animals and by nola

Porcelain Small Tumblers — ACCESSORIES -- Better Living Through Design

The delicate smattering of dots add such a nice touch to these tumblers. Petite tumblers are made from a creamy white or matte black porcelain and handpainted with a constellation of dots.