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All Politics Is Local: Recent Situation With Colorado Board Of Education Proves Old Saying

One Colorado school district has been making national news lately for its proposed right-wing curriculum guidelines that would whitewash the teaching of Advanced Placement U.

THE REAL NUMBERS THE LEFT DOESN’T WANT AMERICANS TO SEE . . . Report: Sanctuary Cities Released Some 8,000 Illegal Aliens With Criminal Records This Year Posted on July 14, 2015

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent escorts a handcuffed illegal immigrant convicted of a felony that was taken into custody during an early morning operation in Dallas on March (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Journalist Can't Contain Laughter As State Dept Claims US Doesn't Back C... All lies must be democratic, because the United States doesn't support non-democratic lies. :)

–Journalists can’t contain laughter as State Department Spokesperson Jan Psaki claims that the US has a long-standing policy of not supporting coups and/or n.

Do you think using funds for climate change research is a waste of your money? Well, so does the White House. Trump’s budget director had one simple, blunt answer for those curious about it. Do you  it or hate it? “Regarding the question as to climate change,” Mulvaney bluntly responded, “I think the president was fairly straight forward – we’re not spending any money on that any.” “We consider that to be a waste of your money, to go out there and do that, so that is a specific tie to his…

Climate Change Loonies Are Going to be in TEARS After Hearing What Trump's Budget Director Just Said

Throwback: Great Video of Normal Folks Slamming an Actor-Created Pro-Hillary video

Throwback: Great Video of Normal Folks Slamming an Actor-Created Pro-Hillary video

Must Watch: Amazing Viral Video Shows All The People Who Laughed At The Idea Of President Trump | The Sean Hannity Show - John Oliver. Stephen Colbert. Seth Meyers. Bill Maher. Almost every political pundit and pollster that appeared on CNN and MSNBC. From the moment Donald Trump declared his presidency, they laughed at the idea that he could win the presidency. [...] 11/14/16

Martin Armstrong Exposes "The Real Clinton Conspiracy" Which Backfired Dramatically - The Fringe News

The Clintons Get Some HORRIBLE NEWS – We’ve Been Waiting For This…

Kosovo is Clinton Country: a statue of Bill overlooks "Bill Clinton Boulevard" in the capital city of Pristina. Hillary is also memorialized in what has become the crime capital of Europe: right off the street named for her husband.

Autism: Good News/Bad News from the Supreme Court

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that he would nominate Neil Gorsuch to fill the open seat on the U. Gorsuch currently serves on the U. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, and…