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Facing 65 Criminal Charges, New Mexico's GOP Secretary Of State Cops A Guilty Plea On 6

New Mexico Republican Secretary Of State Facing 65 Criminal Charges For Corruption

Republicans are waging a War on Education; a multi-pronged attack on our schools and teachers. The damage may be devastating.

Republicans are waging a War on Education; a multi-pronged attack on our schools, leaving education a privilege for the rich and a rarity for everyone else.

Donald Trump held a town hall yesterday — a transparent attempt to do some prep before his town hall style debate with Hillary Clinton. Shane Goldmacher at POLITICO summarizes the disaster: This was not the debate.

So much for states' rights!

GOP Senator Wants To Block States From Setting Up Single-Payer Systems

Rachel Maddow - VA threatened by conservative privatization push

Apr 2015 Rachel Maddow shows how right wing groups have worked to create a political environment where the previously radical idea of privatizing veteran.

Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers’ advocacy machine are taking on Tennessee Republicans — including the governor himself. Their sin? Opposing a bill to repeal investment taxes. The no-tax preachers at Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform and Americans for Prosperity are pushing hard against the unexpected roadblock of GOP Gov....

Norquist, Kochs vs. Tennessee GOP

Grover Norquist (left) and Bill Haslam are pictured in this composite.

The Koch brothers just took a huge step toward a GOP civil war |  The libertarian billionaires have exerted influence on the GOP for years. But now they're actively taking the reins


The Koch brothers just took a huge step toward a GOP civil war

Interests, Ideology And the Climate Denial Machine. These attacks frequently seek to create the notion that climate scientists are part of an evil cabal seeking to take away your freedom in support of creating a socialist world government.

Interests, Ideology And the Climate Denial Machine

WASHINGTON -- The billionaire Koch brothers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars because they don't want the government messing with Americans' lives or businesses. But a film coming out this week aims to show that they're perfectly willing to .

One Down 49 to Go: New Mexico Progressives Kick The Koch Brothers Out of Their State

After Getting Pummelled By Fact Checkers Koch Brothers Dump Obamacare Horror Story Ads

New book describes father of the Koch brothers as helping construct an oil refinery for the Nazis

New book: Father of politically active Koch brothers built a refinery for the Nazis

No early fans of Trump, the powerful Koch network still wields influence on White House policy