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Ha look closely to these delicious cup cakes

These beautiful vagina cup cakes let everyone eat their very own vagina, which I'm pretty sure is an awesome thing.

'My vulva cupcakes were confiscated' - a day in the life of an anti-FGM campaigner | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian

'My vulva cupcakes were confiscated': a day in the life of an anti-FGM campaigner

Campaigning against FGM around the world gets Leyla Hussein into some interesting situations.

boob cupcakes - Google Search

It’s certainly no secret that every pair of breasts are different.

Pop art cup cakes

There is nothing subtle about this set of four rainbow coloured vagina cupcakes - we suggest you pretend they are lily cupcakes if anyone prudish pops around unannounced!

Wicked Goodies | Vagina Cake Tutorial | http://www.wickedgoodies.net

Vagina Cake

“They aren't VAGINA cupcakes They're VULVA cupcakes Know your own anatomy womensfest!

Hm we look the same from the front...and behind...

Dog bone cookie cutter cut in half and decorated! Cute idea for a lingerie wedding shower or bachelor party!

Event of the Week: Stock the Bar Party Ideas | Bulk Candy and ...

Very cool idea for bachelor party - DIY wedding booze? Everyone brings a bottle/case for the reception. -- ya cole would love this and it's a really cool idea