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Printable Throwing Handout

Ceramic Art Lesson Plan: A Three Stage Approach to Teaching Wheelthrowing - Ceramic Arts Daily

Follow the Clay::  Think of how the moist clay will physically move through the studio in every stage, from forming through packing. A large studio does not necessarily mean a profitable operation. It is quite possible to have a cost-effective pottery in a relatively small studio. One area of production should flow logically to the next.

Saving Time and Money in the Ceramic Studio -- layout of your space is important. This can be seen in Daniel Ricardo Teran’s studio (at left) INot only is it large and light-filled, but it is well organized so that he can make the most of his time.

Video: Clay slab mask; high school lesson but interesting for all to watch; 6:52

How to create a ceramic mask using slab rolled clay over a hand made newspaper mold. The way he creates the newspaper form would also work for a paper mache mask.