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Day 8/Favorite Fan Made Music Video: there were a lot of competitors for this one, but I finally decided that this video was one of my top few. It's all about Allan, but I still think it shows you the depth of the show and his character. The song (it ends tonight) also goes really well with him I think.

It Ends Tonight [Allan A Dale] I was almost brought to tears by this.

all love all their expressions, and then there's marian whose just like later dudes

Marian sir guy sheriff allen will little john jack (love her) much ns ROBIN HOOD

Haha!  This episode was great!  I felt kind of bad for "Lord" Much, though. ;P

Day Favorite Much Quote: Much had a ton of amazing quotes, but I have to say this one is my favorite. XD "Lord Much" is fantastic.

bbc kate robin hood | Old-Fashioned Charm: Robin Hood (BBC TV Series)

He was my favorite character.then he betrayed Robin. It was aweful.

We are Robin Hood! BBC Robin Hood :D awesome show and totally underrated

We are Robin Hood! awesome show (up until end of season 2 when I ugly cried then season 3 happened but made it through then ugly cried again at the end)