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Coworking in Albuquerque:

The strange saga of meth-making chemistry teacher Walter White (Emmy Award-winner Bryan Cranston) continues in this release featuring all 13 episodes of Breaking Bad: Season Color: White.

...and frankly I don't give a shit

Funny pictures about Religions of the world. Oh, and cool pics about Religions of the world. Also, Religions of the world.

Look for the July 2012 issue of High Times magazine for a special interview with the guys of Mail Order Comedy.  I think they discuss campaign finance reform and their preferred cut of Blade Runner, among other topics, but there’s no way to be sure until you check the mag yourself.

Anders “Ders” Holm, Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Kyle Newacheck of Workaholics!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Gallery Books to publish an investigative book about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

Funny pictures about It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Family Photo. Oh, and cool pics about It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Family Photo. Also, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Family Photo photos.

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Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad: a dynamic character with a nice mixture of stupidity and wisdom, rudeness and kindness, humor and pathos.

I lol'd

Gay marriage needs to be legalized everywhere. I would watch the shit out of "Gay Divorce Court"


Bryan Cranston is Walter H. White & Aaron Paul is Jesse Pinkman in Breaking bad

The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I loved this flick. It made me all tingly and excited inside when she sings & kisses Gordo

Adam Lamberg as Gordo & Clayton Snyder as Ethan Craft - The Lizzie McGuire Movie

I'm a political junkie, so this is one of the shows I like to watch. I also have a bit of a crush on her... but who doesn't?! :)

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