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Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum Bissell Bagless Canister Vacuum remains a top choice sitting right up there with the hot selling items in Kitchen category in Canada. Click below to see its Availability and Price in YOUR country.

All purpose cleaning solution:  2 Tbl Vinegar, 2 tsp Borax, and 1/8 cup Blue Dawn Dishwashing liquid.  Mix with hot water to fill spray bottle.

2 tsp of vinegar and 2 tsp of borax in a spray bottle. Add hot water to dissolve borax. Leave room at top of the bottle so u can add cup yummy smelling dish soap. Fill the rest of the bottle slowly with cold water so u don't get suds.

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to clean your grout!!!!! Works great on tubs and showers - never using anything else again.

Miracle Grout Cleaner- Finally clean your dirty grout with ONE product and a total cost of under 3 dollars!

Equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a scrubby to wash the tub after each use.  Find a dish wand with a hole in the end so it can be hung right in the tub.

What You Need: Dish Wand (got mine at the dollar store!) Dish Soap Vinegar Simply fill your wand with half soap and half vinegar. Shake it up and get cleaning! I hung mine up in the shower using a suction cup/hook thing

Oven racks are no fun to clean, with caked on grease stains and crusted oils. This trick gets the oven racks ridiculously clean with little effort! With the holidays approaching, and more uses for the oven, you'll want to these super clean!

The Easiest Way to Clean Oven Racks

How to Deep Clean Oven Racks Tutorial: Cleaning your oven can be a messy task. Make it easier with distilled white vinegar, baking soda, and a scrub pad. By the end, you'll be left with like-new oven racks.

Don't spend any time scrubbing with this simple and easy way to clean your oven door. It only takes 2 ingredients you have at home and 5 minutes!

How to Clean Your Oven Door Naturally + Free Checklist

24 must-see kitchen cleaning tips! Perfect for me considering I'm a neat freak!

Kitchen Cleaning Tips Idea Box by Postcards From the Ridge

Clean the Vacuum — the Ultimate Household Cleaning Tool

Clean the Vacuum — the Ultimate Household Cleaning Tool

Clean the Vacuum — the Ultimate Household Cleaning Tool by Sarah Lipoff