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if organized Religion survives the Apoc, I am surrending to the flesh eating radioactive mutants!!!

- :( had some hot wings and some spaghetti. gas mask and prayer needed.

Gas Mask I love how creepy it is :)

Gas Mask covered with floral cloth, making a contrast between the death/life symbol of the mask and the beauty and feminism of the floral cloth


A Chinese couple takes gas mask wedding photos in smoggy weather, Beijing, China - 25 Feb - It’s believed the pair took the shots to raise awareness of the city’s poor air quality which has grounded planes and closed roads. Chinese scientists have w

Micky Mouse Gas Masks

Objects of Intrigue: Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

, the owner of the Sun Rubber Company and his designer Dietrich Rempel, with Walt Disney’s approval, introduced a Mickey Mouse Gas Mask for children. The company produced.