I want one of these as well. Maybe another color or variation but I want one regardless!!

"Hoosier" Style Vintage Kitchen Cabinets - I Antique Online. So I don't forget that I want something in this style.

Antique Vintage Perfume Scent Bottle Enamel Gold Gilt Intaglios. Height 3-3/4" including stopper.

Beautiful vintage perfume bottle~enamel~gold gilt~intaglios~

Pretty blue retro fridge

Retro BigChill matching blue fridge and dishwasher with white shaker cupboards. Take a close look at the countertop, too. It’s a solid green formica with style chrome edging ~Oh my Word! Love the dishwasher!

Really loving this color combo lately. I see a repainting of my kitchen soon. @Patrina Martin will have time to help me.

Low-Cost Cabinet Makeovers

Retro-style white kitchen with touches of turquoise and red. I still even have the "retro" cabinets.

Art Glass Perfume Bottles in turquoise & White all w' Crystal Faceted Stoppers - Silver necks and Detail...

Art Glass Perfume Bottles in Blue & White all w' Crystal Faceted Stoppers - Silver necks and Detail.How beautiful are these perfume bottles! Can't imagine what they cost back in the day!

Floral Victorian perfume bottle with prisms and beads

Floral Victorian-style perfume scent bottle with prisms and beads. Love the detail around the stopper, nice touch.