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The PARCC website has sample items and a tutorial which will provide a better picture of what the 2015 state-level assessments will require.

Unpacking the Common Core! Teaching notes and higher level assessments that break down the Common Core Standards into 3 levels of understanding. It says what students should know at the conceptual level, procedural level, and representational level!! PERFECT to start the year off knowing what to teach for the entire year!$


Art therapy assessments are used by art therapists to: determine a client’s level of functioning; formulate treatment objectives; assess a client’s strengths; gain a deeper understanding of a clien...

Kindergarten Exit Tickets - Numbers - Counting

Exit tickets are a quick and easy assessment tool to see if your students have grasped a concept at the end of a lesson. Each ticket should take less than a minute or two to complete. and is centered around a Common Core State Standard. The “I Can” statement is listed at the top of each ticket. This particular resource focuses on the numbers 1-20 and the counting tasks.

Free Online Assessment Tests for Homeschool

Free Online Assessment Tests for Homeschool might be good practice for the computerized tests the kids are having to do as a practice at home.

CSET Foundational-Level General Science Exam Practice Questions

The CSET Foundational-Level General Science exam is a subject-specific assessment taken by prospective educators who wish to teach in the state of California. The test covers subject areas such as astronomy, forces and motion, and cell and organismal biology. The exam is divided into two subtests, each with fifty-eight multiple-choice questions and three constructed-response questions.

Free Online Assessment Tests for Homeschool

After graduating college, you’re faced with some big decisions about your life and your career. For some, grad school is a natural thing to consider. In some instances, grad school is a no br…

Kindergarten Screening Test for Students Entering Kindergarten

Kindergarten Screening Test for Incoming Kindergarteners. Give this test so you know the academic levels of students before the first day of school.