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Heracleion Photos: Lost Egyptian City Revealed After 1,200 Years Under Sea. The ruins of the lost city were found 30 feet under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Aboukir Bay, near Alexandria. A new documentary highlights the major discoveries that have been unearthed at Thonis-Heracleion during a 13-year excavation. Exciting archeological finds help describe an ancient city that was not only a vital international trade hub but possibly an important religious center.

LEADING EGYPTIAN IMAM ~> FLAG OF ISLAM WILL FLY OVER WHITE HOUSE ~> SHARIA WILL RULE THE PLANET ~> VIDEO REPORT - Come to America's shores on 2 feet, leave in a bag on your back; any questions... ??? [03/29/13]

There is a quote that says if more girls would act like ladies, then maybe more boys would act like gentlemen. Here are some great insights to teach your daughters to act like ladies.

UNDERWATER: Alexandria Egypt, the City of Alexander the Great and what are believed to be the royal headquarters of Cleopatra. It is believed an earthquake over 1500 years ago was responsible for casting this into the sea

A Lot Of People Are Very Upset That A Half-Indian Woman Won Miss World Japan

'The waxing moon and the Eye of Horus at Dendera.' Astronomical ceiling. According to Egyptian mythology Horus lost his eye during a battle with Seth (the murderer of his father Osiris) and the eye (called 'Wadjet') was subsequently healed by Thoth, who is portrayed at the right-hand side of the picture. The destruction and healing of the eye was symbolically coupled by the ancient Egyptians to the waning and waxing of the moon.♔PM

Pyramids Found in 2001 of the Coast of Cuba - about a Mile Underwater Pyramids under the waters near Cuba were discovered by two scientists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki. They found the ruins of ancient buildings about a mile below the sea Paulina found elsewhere in Cuba ancient descriptions and symbols that were identical to those on the waterfront structures below.