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I hate the pressure of societies expectations...

idk wt society expects anymore I might seem like I do but I have no idea wt I'm doing I'm so different >.

Funny sport - nice image

I know I am a volleyball player, because when i see this, i think that the set would have been good because it landed on her forehead.

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Hahahah okay so I played soccer for five years and I was actually not terrible. So one time I was trying to get the ball from this insanely tall girl and her mom yelled from the side "come on you got this she is

Yeah but I don't play.....it isn't a game....it's a sport....so I do...-Kxoxo

I'd love to see the people at my school play club ball the way I do. So here's to the real volleyball players and not to the phony ones in kneepads