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Schoolproject; 1 typo a day keeps the stress away... Make a typo of a song that describes your day, during a week.

“Yikes” and “Typo” should never be used to describe darker skin.

Game Described as "Cunt-Throat". That sounds unpleasant.. typo, cunt, oops, news, Sports, misspelling, newspapers

Article describes typo in e-book version of War & Peace. "Attempts to remove the references to competing e-book manufacturer 'Kindle' nooks the flame of customer discontent."

When a student finds a typo in your handout … | 23 Star Wars GIFs That Perfectly Describe Life As A Teacher

刻劃盛夏 Describe Summer Time_LOGOTYPE DEMO Design by / Hong Da

Galano Grotesque is a geometric sans in the tradition of Futura, Avant Garde and Avenir with a modern streak, described by a wide skeleton paired with a large x-height. The result is a highly approachable and versatile font family with a subtle friendline…

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