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"Meet the brand-new shopping bag which is not just nature-friendly..but pure nature itself! The paper of the EcoBag contains built-in seeds of various plants. Wherever you throw it away, it will desintagrete after rain and turn into a small lawn of grass, camomile or clover." The design on the bag says it all: plants growing in unwanted items. It conveys the brand effectively.

Field Guide to Tying the Knot - I want to incorporate my love for the outdoors, masculine vintage, Dan's experience as a wildlife biologist and our love for alaska into a handy guidebook for our family and friends... Help :: Ideas? - Should it go into the welcome box or sent out with invitations? - Anyone want to help me with the design: illustrations/graphics, fonts, layout... etc. - Any ideas where to buy materials for it? looking for a good source for paper and tags.

Sprint and Samsung have recently introduced a new eco-friendly mobile phone, dubbed with a catchy name — the Reclaim. This is a fitting name considering the Reclaim is made from 80 percent recyclable materials. To break that down a little more, the box and packaging are made from 70 percent recycled materials with the text <a href="http://www.technologytell.com/gadgets/49273/sprint-and-samsung-unveil-the-40-made-of-corn-eco-friendly-reclaim/">more »</a>

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