tomodachi no hanashi

The Love Story You May Not Know shoji

So much manga so little time. I'm literally crying rn bc I wanna read so much manga but I don't have enough tiiiiiime T-T huhuhu

literally just saw this and ive started reading this. wanna read it with me? here: Watashi no Ookami-kun ( or the link: ) ENJOY

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divergent fault in our stars harry potter hunger games mortal instruments percy jackson MAZE RUNNER

BITCH i can only read the first 3 chapters of this!? I have to wait a whole year until im old enough for a credit card.

Idk if I wanna ship these two or not like maybe in the first 6 episodes but idk about the rest

Well shit

Doodles n' Comix by on DeviantArt <<< Family murder, the best kind of murder

The Single Greatest Tumblr Thread of All Time

The Single Greatest Tumblr Thread of All Time

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

awwwwww i love them so much now this makes me wanna read this manga agaaaain

Memorytale pg 2 by Panda-Leaf

Memorytale pg 2 by Panda-Leaf. I wanna read more!

Anime - Manga. So true. The manga is HUGE and the anime is nothing, you could only find more information in the manga

Anime and Manga

It feels like they're cramming 10 chapters into one episode of the anime