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In this book pro sports exec Pat Williams applies Solomon’s ancient insights to today’s leadership world. The book is filled with true stories from business, politics, pro sports, history, the church, and the military. Love it!

The Leadership Wisdom of Solomon: 28 Essential Strategies for Leading with Integrity by Pat Williams with Jim Denney - ISBN# 0784721289 - Standard Publishing

Pray all day long if you like, but don't force me to. Force your children to pray in your own church if you like. But do NOT try to force MY child to pray YOUR prayers in OUR public school!!!

Prayer was never banned from our public schools. It just can't be led in any way or required by the school. We trust our teachers to provide education, not indoctrination.

Radical Islam Is the Religion of Intolerance, Not Christianity

Investigation Looks For Muslim Bias In Schools, Finds Christian Bias Instead

A former aide to Senator John McCain said he thinks Donald Trump is mentally unstable and may go insane once he loses in November.

Anyone paying attention from a remote distance might be forgiven to think that American presidential elections are always fun

Podesta agreed to meet with mining boss after appeal from Band

Podesta agreed to meet with mining boss after appeal from Band

Emails: John Podesta Gave His Lobbyist Brother Special Access to the Obama White House - Breitbart