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Used 2006 Breckenridge 102 840CBFBH Park Models at Seacoast RV | Saco, ME | #1005

Shakespeare has been adapted in countless ways over the years, sometimes — as in the case of these films — rather subtly. Here...

Reilly DeSantis - Reilly has been part of Slifer Smith & Frampton since moving to Summit County in 2006. In this short amount of time Breckenridge and the amazing backdrop of Summit County has become her life.

FINISHED!! 100% pieced and quilted by hand from fabrics gathered in 10 states and 1 Canadian province. It took a long time but it was worth every needle calloused finger!

In The Sentinel, Pete Garrison, a Secret Service bodyguard, is suspected as a traitor after an assassination attempt on the president points to a mole within his unit. It's up to Pete to fight back on his own to clear his name and prevent another attempt on the president's life.

To see REAL snow like in Colorado. I want to make a huge snowman and play in it like a little kid! DONE! finally got to do it at the Grand Canyon!

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