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Sewing Tattoo by ~Joshua-adam on deviantART @Aimée Gillespie Francois Haha Thought of you!!

Sewing Tattoo by ~Joshua-adam on deviantART Lemondée Gillespie Francois Haha Thought of you!

my mum passed away 25 yrs ago last month,i got this tattoo which i drew myself as my only memories of her are with her beloved sewing and i have her to thank for my sewing career xx Mum xx

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Here’s my third tattoo! Basically it’s in support of anxiety, depression, mental health et cetera and my personal/family exp

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20 Tattoos Inspired By Crafting If you REALLY love making things, make like these people and inscribe crafting imagery permanently on your skin.

chest tattoo, finger tattoo.

I want the Hakuna Matata on my fingers

Hearts~ not really into the blues colors, but love the swirls, desgin!

Cool blue heart tattoo idea--it'd be cool to do a colored Z with black/gray something like this