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Sledgehammer vs TV tube in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan finish up Sledgehammer Week by caving in the top of an old tv. Nothing like ending on an implosion.

Why Blu-Rays Can Hold So Much More Data Than DVDs

Blu-rays can hold about ten times more than DVDs because Blu-ray players use special blue lasers to read them.

Files & File Systems: Crash Course Computer Science #20

Today we’re going to look at how our computers read and interpret computer files. We’ll talk about how some popular file formats like txt, wave, and bitmap a.

Why Does Your Phone Battery Suck?

With technology advancing so quickly, why do phone batteries still suck? Have researchers found a longer-lasting battery? Are Solid State Batteries The Perfect … source .

Smashing China plates, Baseball bat - The Slow Mo Guys.

Gav and Dan take a break from filming, and have an absolutely smashing time. Lots of perfectly good china was harmed in the making of this video.

More Information Surfaces About The Surface 2 - http://www.gearfuse.com/more-information-surfaces-about-the-surface-2/

Surface 2 rumors point to screen, Tegra 4 chip and two-stage kickstand

How to Break the Internet - YouTube

Hank Green Explains Several Possible Ways to Break the Internet and Why the Internet Is Shark-Proof

ATT Makes The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with LTE Available - http://www.gearfuse.com/att-makes-the-samsung-galaxy-tab-3-7-0-with-lte-available/

Update Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 LTE to Android KitKat Firmware

How Does GPS Work?

How Does GPS Work?

Mouse Trap Finger Challenge - The Slow Mo Guys

Someone seems to have sneezed on the lens this week. In this video, Gav and Dan test out their "finger quickness" in the mouse trap challenge.


On September George Eastman patented the first camera that used rolls of film and with it, the trade name Kodak.

#Vibrating #Home #Theater #Seats Are Another Reason To Skip the Cinema

Vibrating Home Theater Seats Are Another Reason To Skip the Cinema

To combat piracy, giant screen TVs, surround sound setups and a wealth of streaming movies available at home, movie theatres have been pulling out all the.

Video of the Day: What is Hacking? 2-2-17 - TheSmarterSociety

What is the ketogenic diet? Here you will find videos to guide you through the ketogenic diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Everything Wrong With Microsoft

Everything Wrong With Microsoft