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Smokey The Bear Says:

Smokey the Bear says. Only you can return fire. Be Prepared!

2nd Amendment

The logic of this is odd. FIre-extinguishers do not cause fires. Nor do you carry one with you at all times. Nor do they kill people.


LoL my little man is so funny.but this is so true, this is how I feel about gun ammo! LOL I see this look every time

.Exactly!  Stop trying to destroy our Constitutional liberties.

Obesity deaths, Firearms deaths, Looks like your cheeseburger is far more dangerous than my gun. – Quotes about health and fitness

Over-reaching, controlling, tyrannical, dictatorship governments do. TYRANNY IN THE WHITE HOUSE...

Gun Control in England

Guns didn't kill 6 million Jews. But their government did! made the Holocaust possible. Another great reason that history matters, kids.

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President Reagan survives bullet wounds from an assassination attempt. Continues to protect gun rights for citizens.

Not really concealed carry, but close!

Guess it's a good thing I like guns, believe in God & oh that's right.I'm a police dispatcher so I'll be sending those officers with guns.

This was the look my papaw gave JL the first time they met. It pretty much said all of this, with no words. It was scary. I had to make him stop, he said he didn't realize he was doing it. :|

my dad. Hopefully my husband will be the same way if we have a daughter

Thomas Jefferson...

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. - Thomas Jefferson - Urgent - Stop Gun Control. Or murderous psychos who want to control us