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Why you should always take a close look before you share. Thousands have shared a photo of a dog with a slice of ham covering its face on Facebook

Boo is alive! World's cutest dog is NOT dead after Twitter hoax

The Pomeranian has been busy promoting his new book, 'the life of the cutest dog in the world'

Why Facebook users are sharing a photo of a dog with ham on its face

Thousands fall for ham-faced hound hoax, needing shares for prayers

Viral Dog Was Not Badly Burned, Just Had Ham On His Face – Another Facebook Hoax Goes Insane

While many found the hoax funny, others felt like they were duped and voiced outrage. Still, the photo of the dog continues to be shared. "This isn't even my dog," Roseman wrote eventually. "I found this picture on Fascistbook, stole it and decided to use it in a prank to fool (people). (People) left and right (fell) for it, and those that didn't, seem to think they have a superior intelligence or something for pointing out the obvious."…

Boo, the world’s cutest dog! Featured on GMA this morning!

World's Cutest Dog Boo Game | Boo, the world’s cutest dog! Featured on GMA this morning!

cutest dog in the world

Boo: The Cutest Dog in the World

I think this is the next dog I want once our life settles down. He is soooo cute! Just not sure about the upkeep with the grooming.

Boo with his friend pomeranian

OK I know Boo is not new to the scene, but sooo effin' cute I can't help but pin!