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* Red Horned -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/red-horned-coral-pendant-necklace

This coral is naturally a deep red. Love these smooth discs of polished coral. So lightweight, and add a lil pop color to any outfit.

Salmon Coral -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/red-coral-silver-necklace-leather

This coral is naturally a sweet salmony red color. This baby is smooth, lightweight, and has pretty patterns.

Pachamama -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/brass-pachamama-mother-earth-pendant

This is the Earth mother and goddess of Incan mythology. This goddess presides over planting and harvesting, embodies the mountains, and can even be responsible for earthquakes.

Silver Shell -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/sterling-silver-beach-shell-pendant

Feeling inspired by a pretty swirly shell I love, I decided to turn it into solid sterling silver and make it a necklace. Lots of detail from the original shell was maintained.

Lotsa Seeds -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/festive-seed-necklace-red-brown

3 types of seeds, including Huayruro seeds for good luck in a totally fun arrangement that feels festive. With beaded necklace and metal clasp.

Almost Heart -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/high-grade-turquoise-nugget-on-silver

This nugget of turquoise reminds me of a tilted heart.

Butterfly Meadow  -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/dyed-string-butterfly-earrings

These hand woven string earrings are dyed to perfection to remind you of a happy butterfly in a meadow.

Green Starburst -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/green-coconut-wooden-earrings

These earrings are handmade from etched coconut shell, wooden beads, and seeds. With natural green dye and cool patterns.

Royal -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/single-earring-onyx-lapis-feather

Long single earring with Onyx and rough Lapis plus lots of swirly hand wrapped metal. Love all the natural shades of brown and irredescent blues on this feather. Handmade by an awesome Peruvian chef lady.

Blue Nug -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/big-blue-turquoise-high-quality-on-copper

Pretty nugget of pure turquoise on a copper chain.

Juku -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/big-medallion-silver-pendant

This pure sterling silver medallion is amazing. It's named after a piece that inspired me while I visited the Harajuku shopping area in Tokyo, Japan. You can't stop getting compliments anywhere you go with this piece.

Balance -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/red-good-luck-beads-huayruro-seeds-peru

Huayruro seeds balanced perfectly with both female (solid red) and male (red and black) seeds.

Brass Shaman -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/brass-shaman-pendant-necklace

Brass Shaman handmade in Peru, where Shamans are known to heal in astounding ways.

El Sol -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/brass-sun-medallion-pendant-necklace-peru

The patterns on this brass pendant reminds me to of the sun. Love the sun. Hand etched repeating shapes feel so tribal.

* Intertwine -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/ornately-wrapped-copper-pendant

Looped around the chain with intricate twists, this pretty necklace is full of loops and infinity knots.

Earthy swirls -  http://www.freeespirit.com/shop/ancient-fossil-stromatolite-pendant-on-silver

This swirly fossil with tones of brown is the oldest fossil on earth (Stromatolite). Found in Peru, this fossil is a couple billion years old.