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Seed pod of Barringtonia asiatica (Lecythidaceae, sea poison tree, fish poison tree, hotu, hutu, shaving brush tree)

12 Deadliest Garden Plants

Dubbed "the most violently toxic plant that grows in North America" by the USDA, water hemlock (cicuta maculata) can strike you dead within 15 minutes of ingestion. The poison cicutoxin attacks the central nervous system, causing severe seizures and convulsions that turn deadly as a result of asphyxia and cardiovascular collapse. | Photo: JW Stockert |

10 Common But Deadly Plants

Water Hemlock Most violent toxic plant in North America. Grows in meadows and along stream banks, it is the plant's roots that contain deadly sap that when touched or eaten, causes grand maul siezures and death.

The Chinese Lantern plant is so pretty. The unripened seed pod, inside, is very poisonous. As much as I dislike pulling them up. It would devastate me if a child or bird or animal should eat one. I save the seed pods, let them dry in a paper bag and plant them again the following year. Please be sure to wear gloves.

Puya Berteroniana, a bromeliad native to Chile, blooming blue at Quail Gardens Encinitas ~ San Diego County, CA.