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Een spiraalvormig sterrenstelsel in het sterrenbeeld Maagd, op ongeveer 65 miljoen lichtjaar afstand van de aarde. Zijn lichte centrum herbergt een superzwaar zwart gat dat honderdduizenden keren zwaarder is dan de zon.

Hubble Sees a Supermassive and Super-hungry Galaxy - ESA/Hubble & NASA and S.

The Great Nebula in Orion is one of the most interesting of all astronomical nebulae known. Here fifteen pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope have been merged to show the great expanse and diverse nature of the nebula. In addition to housing a bright open cluster of stars known as the Trapezium, the Orion Nebula contains many stellar nurseries. These nurseries contain hydrogen gas, hot young stars, proplyds, and stellar jets spewing material at high speeds.

New glossy 8 x 10 photo of Star Birthing Region in Orion Nebula from NASA Hubble Telescope - Clouds of dust and gas in the Orion Nebula churn out st

The Eagle Has Risen: Stellar Spire in the Eagle Nebula. A billowing tower of gas and dust rises from the stellar nursery known as the Eagle Nebula. This small piece of the Eagle Nebula is 57 trillion miles long trillion km).

Hubble pic

The Hubble Space Telescope - Orion Nebula Credit: NASA,ESA, M. Robberto (Space Telescope Science Institute/ESA) and the Hubble Space Telescope Orion Treasury Project Team

Dead Star's Ghostly Glow: Astronomers discovered a real "tell-tale heart" in space, 6,500 light-years from Earth. The "heart" is the crushed core of a long-dead star, called a neutron star, which exploded as a supernova and is now still beating with rhythmic precision. Evidence of its heartbeat are rapid-fire, lighthouse-like pulses of energy from the fast-spinning neutron star. The stellar relic is embedded in the center of the Crab Nebula, the expanding, tattered remains of the doomed…

In NASA's recent Hubble Space Telescope picture of the Crab Nebula, a dead star's ghoulish green glow can be seen—some light-years from Earth. Despite the neutron star being dead, astronomers say the color is due to "the star's tell-tale heart.

♥️ Witch's Broom Nebula.  How can we look at photos taken of outer space, and not be totally AWE STRUCK???

This Awesome Looking Nebula kind of Looks like a Basketball Player Going Up for a Shot.

The Helix Nebula - one of our most breath taking celestial wonders.   Bite-sized, mind blowing space facts about the Universe and the cosmos. Whether you're new to astronomy / astrophysics or not, check us out @ https://www.instagram.com/thespacekiosk/    Image: NASA / Hubble Space Telescope

When nuclear fusion in a star, much like our Sun ceases, the star dies. It expels it's outer gaseous layers and leaves behind a tiny, hot, dense core called a white dwarf. The cosmic result - a planetary nebula.