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Cheers! Check Out These 20 Very Funny Chalkboard Bar Signs

5 Things Every Social Work Major is Tired of Hearing

As an RN I wear many many a hats...Social work is part of what I do...respect the MSW out there that work there butts off to get benefits..ect ect for their pts..KjMRN

Learning Which instrument should I play? Do you see yourself as a musical prodigy or are you happy to play for fun? Have you thought about being a composer or do you want to be the star soloist? There is an instrument for everybody and our flowchart is a lighthearted way of helping you choose the one that suits you best.

"Instead of being mean and saying "youre dumped" give them a sock and watch the confusion on their face"

Okay, show of hands: Who’s with me on this: This TV-bar upcycling idea is even better than the TV-turned-pet-bed project. (Maybe pair it with this repurposed library card catalog??)

Wordless Wednesday - Writer Humor

Georgie Lee - Writing to the Sound of Legos Clacking: Wordless Wednesday - Writer Humor