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She's melting!!!

Feisty☀️Floridian on

Who’s The Bad Influence?... I put this on my funny board cause that's laughable, her preaching about bad influence, HA!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Trump (POTUS) Hillary and the Democrats are outraged over Trump's lewd comments, but are fine with Jay Z and his profanity laced rap lyrics to Promote their campaign.

Drumpt at his finest!

Brian Klaas on

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America founded by Geniuses, run by Idiots |POLITICALLY INCORRECT CARTOONS

America: founded by Geniuses, run by Idiots. As much as I hate the faces of these two on anything, the wording almost makes this post worth keeping. If I could just delete their faces.

Best Donald Trump Cartoons of 2016: Making America Great Again

Best Donald Trump Cartoons

A roundup of funny and provocative cartoons about Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.: Making America Great Again

cold war political cartoons | Political cartoon of US vs USSR

cold war political cartoons U. vs USSR, this cartoon represents how the U. was fighting the USSR