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Roy Hawthorne Navajo Code Talker USMC walked 2 mile parade route. 2 Navajo Marines helping him w/the last 1/2 mile

Navajo Code Talkers - HEROES of WWII. These amazing, intelligent, BRAVE warriors helped turn the tide of the war and were on missions with the Marines in the Pacific. Their code remained unbroken. Our hackable technology today could never live up to that standard. They did a great service for this country (their country truly) and the world. And they protected us with the very language they were forbidden to use and beaten for during the EVIL boarding school times! These warriors did what…

HERO: Tiny Spc. Monica Brown, 19, an Army medic. - A vehicle was hit by an IED, her sergeant yelled, "Doc, let's go," and she went. She spotted two injured soldiers, under intense fire dragged them to cover, then received mortar shells and covered the injured with her body and started repairing them through a two hour fight. She saved them both, managed to live through it herself and received the Silver Star for exceptional valor.

Hero's are not sports players who come out of the closet in a politically correct world, hero's are the people who keep our country safe.

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