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Fact- Pixar created a better love story in 8 minutes than Twilight did in 4 books.SO true!

This has been circulating for awhile and, though correct, isn't complete. The film also includes Paige O'Hara (Belle from Beauty and the Beast) on the TV in James Marsden's hotel room, and Judy Kuhn (Pocahontas) as the single mom who answers the door and tells Prince Charming that he's "too late".

A few facts about Disney's movie "Enchanted".um, excuse me what about Paige O'Hara, Robbie Benson, & Judy Kuhn? They were in it too, as were the voices of Cinderella(or was it Aurora) and Snow White (in the masquerade scene)!

Disney Movie Timeline. My personal favorite Disney movies are The Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, The Little Mermaid, and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Never say Walt Disney Studios is not amazing. So many aspects that have improved film making for the past 75 years were created there. And read the little mini things by each movie on the timeline ❤️

"Any day spent with you is my favorite day." | 24 Disney Movie Love Quotes | Disney Baby

Add a dash of Disney magic to your Valentines this year with these 24 Disney movie love quotes!

14 Interesting Facts About Disney Films You Never Knew. But the first one is a lie.....just sayin

14 Interesting Facts About Disney Films You Never Knew. The Frozen fact is wrong, Mulan was the first one movie/princess to teach girls don't need a man. Frozen is the first princess movie to be focused around sisterly love.

Um excuse me but: Ariel wears her purple flower, Merida showed an act of true love that wasn't from a man, princess Sofia is pretty forgotten, and Hercules is King Triton's cousin (father's brother's son), not Ariel's

19 Interesting Facts About Disney Films except the very first one is not true Ariel wears the black or blue bow in the kiss the girl scene and in the second movie she wears a bow and has her hair up almost the entire movie!

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Quotes from your favorite Disney characters all on one infographic.

Quoting Your Favorite Disney Characters [Infographic]

Live vicariously through your favorite classic Disney characters by memorizing their favorite quotes! Costume SuperCenter is here to help!