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Tips For Paralyzed Procrastinators "Stop the perfectionism, Ask for feedback, Address your anxiety..." - From Unstuck's "Best of 2013 - 16 Tip Cards" - What's getting in your way?

19 Cooking Tips From Gordon Ramsay That Will Save You From Being Told to "Eff Off"

If there's anyone we want cooking advice from, it's Gordon Ramsay. The chef and television host never fails to entertain us or impress us with his recipes and antics in the kitchen. It's no surprise that the chef has an ingenious methods and many more simple hacks that will make you a more skilled home cook. So don't be an "idiot sandwich," and upgrade your culinary game with his best tips and tricks (mental yelling voice optional, but encouraged).

New Adjustment Layer With Options Window

If you hold Alt (Mac: Option) while creating a new Adjustment Layer, you'll open up the New Layer window which lets you Choose the Blending Mode and Opacity. You can also give the layer a name, color, and set it as a Clipping Mask.

How To Create Blog Content That Isn't Boring

Creatively Build Your Ideal Instagram Audience

Building an audience for your small business, services, or creative business can be a challenge. Using these smart ideas, you can connect with the right people on Instagram.

Five Signs Your Character Is Fully Developed

The internet abounds with exercises to help storytellers develop their characters. These steps are all helpful, but none of them are irreplaceable. What's important is the end result. But what does that endpoint look like? ...

Become a Pinterest SEO powerhouse with these tips!

SEO tips for Pinterest. Watched the Pinterest SEO Holiday Tips webinar with these experts (@jessabahr and @feuzareisstudio) and it was great!