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eCool 原生態冰箱 零電力冷藏
Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder! Amazing! #product_design
Cut down on plastic packaging with a reusable spray bottle by a new eco-conscious brand called Replenish.
soooo ccuutteee rings... i want i want i want  Mini landscapes on your finger with these #rings. #product #design
Sustainable design makes most sense through examples so we've worked with Seymourpowell, to produce a gallery of inspiring examples of recent, everyday design. These examples begin to explain the breadth and potential of design for sustainability
I think I need a couch monster! Awesome! #product_design
Water From A Stone // Keeps your plants perfectly watered! It slowly lets water out into your planter over the course of 3-4 days. #product_design #garden
Square and portable sewing machine
The 'Leaf-band-aid' is made of a special color-changing material indicating to the wearer that it’s time to switch out, its functionally and aesthetically superior alternative that looks and works better than any band-aid before it... READ MORE at Yanko Design!
Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder! Amazing! #product_design