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Das alte Ägypten: Cheopspyramide und Sphinx am 6. Januar 1914. Ägypten stand...

Historic: One of Albert Kahn's intrepid photographers was dispatched to Egypt to take stunning colour photographs of the Egyptian pyramids

Sphinx von Gizeh in Ägypten - Die große Sphinx von Gizeh ist neben den Pyramiden wohl eines der berühmtesten Bauwerke Ägyptens. Sie wurde vermutlich  zwischen 2700 und 2600 v. Chr. erbaut und befindet auf dem Gizeh-Plateau, in der Nähe der heutigen Stadt Kairo. Die Statue ist ist 73 Meter lang, sechs Meter breit und hat die Höhe von 20 Metern.

The last existing ancient wonder of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza stands as a lone window into the far past.

The Nile River was very important in Egyptian mythology, as it served basically as a lifeline to many ancient Egyptian societies.

Egypt: Philae temple from the Nile River. Hey, we have been here. We absolutely loved it. There is nothing like a first class cruise down the Nile River. - These comments echo my own sentiments!

Women of Russia's Kuban region, late 19th century (by Dmitry I. Ermakov)

Abazinka girls, by Dmitri Ivanovich Yermakov. Abazinia is a historical country at the northern mountainside of the Caucasus Major, now the northern part of Karachay–Cherkessian Republic, Russia.

Scientists have now identified Mummy KV35YL as being that of Tutankhamun's mother, her name is unknown. She was his father Akhenaten's sister.

Unmasked: The real faces of the crippled King Tutankhamun (who walked with a cane) and his incestuous parents

King Tut day Tut's parents were siblings! DNA confirmed this mummy is both the mother of King Tut and the sister of Tut's father Akhenaten. Her name is unknown.

Aswan Sightseeing Tours Packages; Philae temple of Goddess Isis in Aswan, Egypt.

Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt. Philae, said to be one of the burying-places of…

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