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Children are terribly impressionable - #Uganda #Parent

One time when I returned from my full time job at the Moncton City Hospital, I was terribly burned out.

On #Parenting - #Love   When Rebecca was small I used to read for her daily. She loved Little Redhood Riding. Every time I would get to the part where Little Red Riding Hood is jauntering through the fields and singing I would sing for her Oklahoma (What a beautiful morning) and then finish reading the book and put her to bed. When she was 3yrs old and one of her dance classes was ballet the teacher played What a Beautiful Morning. She knew the song well and asked her teacher to make a tape…

I pulled up in the driveway while telling myself "make supper, feed the little monsters, do home work then bath and bed time story".

Ugandas Top Export: Mercenaries

Uganda’s Top Export: Mercenaries

The African nation makes more money from military contractors than coffee

#Uganda - #Museveni sabotaged the Nairobi peace deal

 First published on August 2013 Museveni went to the Nairobi peace talks well knowing that he was in a vulnerable situation and w.

How will #Uganda remember president Barrack Hussein Obama?   As a Canadian of #Ugandan origin I will remember Obama for supporting the ruthless killer of my people. I will remember Obama being a great father but he said nothing when our opposition youth washed up on the beaches of Lake Victoria and all parents should have been livid. I will remember Obama for supplying arms and training to killer #Museveni and keeping him in power to continue killing. I will remember our cries for him to…

A former Ugandan intelligence officer James Moises has accused Western countries of complicity in the going South Sudan’s civil war, clai.

#Uganda Kampala Minister Betty Kamya promises to evict taxis from the streets

Kampala Minister Betty Kamya promises to evict taxi’s from the streets

#Uganda energy minister signed $137M tax waiver to #Tullow without reading agreement - BS!

Former Energy Minister Syda Bbumba PARLIAMENT: Former Energy Minister Syda Bbumba has claimed that she signed a contentious Produc.

#Uganda fake media says Gen. #Sejusa is to replace @MugishaMuntu for @FDCOfficial1

Of course I knew that when I wrote and shared the piece on Dr. Kizza being one with dictator that some FDC die hards w.