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Biggest lie ;)

my poor husband. I say all the time "just one more chapter". then next thing you know I HAD to finish the book!

Brilliant quote...

Brilliant quote...

my friend that i love so much has posted me..friendship..

Inge Löök Illustrations - these lovely old ladies are best friends and great life enjoyers.

Guys that read

True Story: Guys that read are attractive. Seriously, hottest thing ever in my book. So glad my husband reads!

I want to read the book really fast so I know the ending but then when I get to the ending I'm sad because it's the end :(

Nerd Girl Problem # 182 The hole in your chest when you finish reading a book series.

Wow, this book cave must be even better than the bat cave! ;-)

Home, A Book Igloo Home is a recent sculptural installation by Colombian artist Miler Lagos. The piece was constructed at MagnanMetz Gallery late last year using carefully stacked books to create a compact dome that is entirely self-supporting.


Shall i cook, clean or do the grocery shopping? Okay, reading it is. ~~ Plodding Historian adds: I shall get my washing done today. The problem will be is that in between loading, unloading and hanging up, will I thesis (priority) or read?


Nerd Girl problem: finding a comfortable reading position So, so true!

il piacere della scelta...

Reading and Books in Art: Illustration by Nom Kinnear King

so easy to get lost in a good book :)  also, it's cute how proud that book is to be a book

funny stuff++ - reading fuck you reality