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A little bit of everything..... I do not own the rights to any of the images i post, they have been found on the internet or re posted from other tumblrs, if i have posted something that belongs to you, please message me and it will be removed

Exhibit A. [internal dialogue] Well, that just looks stupid. AS IF there's a royal-blue-and-orange raptor. This looks quite a lot like a Peregrine falcon. I wonder if the original picture will be easy to find... [searching] Dum-de-dum-de-dum... Ha! Got it! Next slide, please.

Baby Chinchilla - As chinchilas são duas espécies de crepusculares roedores , um pouco maiores e mais robustos do que os esquilos à terra . Eles são nativos para os Andes montanhas na América do Sul [3] e vivem em colônias chamadas " rebanhos " em altas altitudes de até 4.270 m (14.000 pés). Historicamente, as chinchilas viviam em uma área que incluía partes da Bolívia, Peru, Argentina e Chile, mas hoje as colônias na natureza só são conhecidas no Chile.

These are some seriously tired greyhounds. I'm getting sleepy just looking at them!

My little brother had a stuffed red panda when he was a kid For years I thought it was a raccoon, and then he informed me it was indeed a red panda. One worldly 5 year old!

Polar Bear Process Art (Play to Learn Preschool)

Preschool art can be tricky, can’t it? There is so much pressure (from Pinterest, from parents, perhaps even from other teachers) to have children make things that are “cute.” You know those projects