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dont know what are they...but these flowers reminds me of P.S. I love you...that purple patch beside the hill....aaah..bliss

but these flowers reminds me of P.that purple patch beside the hill.

Autumn Plum

"We must not tamper with the organic motion of the soul." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Quotation and Originality," Letters and Social Aims, 1876


Purple is one of my least favourite colours, hoping to change that by putting together this collection x



Which LAVENDER is best/safest? The answer is: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia - sometimes called Lavandula officinalis). ••Lavender Absolute has a moderate risk of skin sensitization & causes more reactions than Lavender EO. Max dermal use is .1%. •••Lavandin Absolute max dermal level is .03% ••Lavandin Essential Oil may inhibit blood clotting ((☻eeeek!!! I have some Blends w/this in it!)) ••Spike Lavender EO may be mildly neurotoxic, based on on camphor content. Max dermal use level 1...

Here's what we found about purple flowers. Read up the info about purple flowers, and learn more about it!


Ge Then God said: “Let the earth cause grass to sprout, seed-bearing plants and fruit trees according to their kinds, yielding fruit along with seed on the earth.

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-BLEN mistery bloom- lavender

Zones Lavender does best in full sun and deep, well drained soil. In rich or wet soils plants become sappy, non-fragrant, and are prone to frost. spacing is best, but lavender is a great container plant as well.

One of the most unique features is their Treehouse Observatory in a nearby Fir tree – accessible via a Rainbow Bridge.

This Treehouse In Washington Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience

⭐Dubai Miracle Garden @ Dubai, UAE⭐ Absolutely gorgeous!

World's largest natural flower garden in Dubai

tsū: Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai, UAE World’s biggest natural flower garden,” this sq. foot garden contains over 45 million flowers, and is maintained through drip irrigation and the recycling of waste water.